Special Events

Unlike our public and school programs, Special Events only happen a few times a year. They are usually much larger in scale and showcase live animals and guest speakers. You don’t want to miss these events. They are lots of fun for all ages. Check back often to catch our next Special Event!

NEW at the Fishways!

Interactive Watershed Exhibit

The Amoskeag Fishways is thrilled to be the first science education center in New Hampshire to have an augmented reality watershed exhibit! Visitors play in the sand to create unique landscapes and observe how the projected contour lines and colors change as the terrain is altered. It is really fun to build mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers… essentially creating your very own watershed. Make it RAIN when a 3-D camera responds to your hand movements, showing in real time how water moves over a landscape!


“Fish Season” is the time of year when our fish ladder is operating. This occurs every Spring in preparation for migratory fish that will use the fish ladder to bypass the Amoskeag Dam as they swim upriver in May and June. This year, Fish Season will run from April 30 – June 16. During this time, visitors may view migrating fish through our underwater windows. Walk-in visitors are always welcome and guided tours are offered to groups of 10 – 30 participants. For more information about Fish Season or to schedule a tour, call 626-FISH.

Fish Season Tours

This interactive walking tour offers students a peek into the past as they learn about the history of the Merrimack River and Amoskeag Falls with a focus on migratory fish. Students will learn the basics of hydroelectric power generation, see the fish ladder in action, and become familiar with how the fish ladder works and which species use it. The tour ends with an underwater look into the ladder for a chance to glimpse the fish themselves! Fish Season Tours are available to groups of 10 – 30 participants, though groups larger than 30 can be accommodated by booking multiple tours. To book, call 626-FISH.

July, August, September 2018


Bug Ball Returns
With “The Caterpillar Lab”

Saturday, September 8
11:00am – 2:00pm

The Fishways loves and celebrates the insect world! This year we are featuring the amazing Caterpillar Lab whose mission teaches all an appreciation of art, education, science and caterpillars. The Lab will showcase dozens of caterpillar species on open air displays (enormous giant silk moth caterpillar anyone?) and offer a closer look with a livestream video microscope. You will see metamorphosis in action, open up cocoons with the Lab experts and perhaps hold a really HUGE caterpillar! This is an awesome free-exploration experience with learning and adventure guaranteed. KIND

Cost: $8 per family with preregistration, $10 per family day of event
(Fee does not cover extended family)


“Booked for Summer” Story Hour
Saturday, July 28
10am – 11am

Story books can be a wonderful window into the natural world. In association with the Manchester School District’s summer reading initiative, “Booked for Summer”, the Amoskeag Fishways presents a fun, relaxed hour of river related stories. Bring your favorite fish toy! KIND

Cost: FREE
Registration required.

Campfire Tales
Friday, August 10
6:30pm – 8pm

The Penacook told stories by fire light and so will we. Participate in traditional Native American tales, play games and enjoy a campfire on the banks of the Merrimack River. Dress appropriately for weather and insects.

Cost: $8 per family
Registration with payment required

Tributary Treks
August 8 & 16
9:15am – 12pm

Tributaries are small streams that empty into larger bodies of water like the Merrimack River. Explore our local waterways and the wildlife that use them by visiting some of these sites with Fishways staff!

Cost: $10 per family per session
Registration with payment required

Wigwam Building
Saturday, August 18
10am – 12pm

Help us rebuild our Fishways wigwam! Spend the morning outdoors bending saplings and lashing them together to experience firsthand how these homes were traditionally made. All ages are welcome, snacks and water will be provided.

Cost: FREE
Registration required

All the Water in the World
Saturday, August 25
10am – 12pm

Water is essential for life. All of us use water and it touches every part of our lives, every day. On this water focused morning, we will play H2Olympics, learn the journey of a single drop of water and take home conservation tips that everyone can do, no matter where you live or what your age. KIND

Cost: $5 per family
Registration with payment required


Thursdays in July
9:30 am – 12pm

Looking for summer outings for your family? Join Fishways staff to hike, stomp, dig, climb, splash, search for critters and more as we discover some of the local natural gems of the Merrimack River watershed. Put on your boots and explore with us! All Family Adventures will meet at the Fishways and caravan to the local destination of the week.

Forest Explore – July 5
Ponding – July 12
Bog Adventure – July 19
River Fun – July 26

Cost: $10 per family per session
Registration with payment required.


Saturdays, 11 am – 12 pm

We have fun nature programs for all ages. Stop by with your family this summer to learn something new about turtles, bugs and bears!

Beautiful Bugs – July 7, 14, 21
Turtle Time – August 4, 11, 18
Black Bears – September 15, 22, 29

Donation of $5 per family encouraged
No registration required

Please call 626-FISH for more information about any of our programs!